A description of the Plugins supplied with Antetype Web. Unfortunately we never had the time to properly document this area. If you have suggestions/ideas for plugins, do not hesitate to contact us.

The language used is called F-Script, here copy of the documentation, which is hard to find nowadays: F-Script Guide (pdf).

Cell Name Update

In Antetype cells have names and widget cells too. If you create a new instance of a widget the widget-cell-names are used. But you are free to change them as you like in the instance. This script overwrites the names of the instances with the names stored in the widget. (See Update Name for a way to change the name in the widget).

  • Select a widget instance on the screen

  • Select Plugins  Cell Name Updae

  • All other instances of the widget are now using the same names


Simulates various forms of color blindness or the usage of Accessibility helps the user might use.

Use "Remove Filter" to restore the normal rendering.

Convert Pseudo States for Spec

Due to technical reasons, we can not make pseudo states (Mouse Over, Pressed and Hover) active in the Web Viewer export. We rely on the browser to change the state. This hurts for specification, where you want to show a widget in for example its Mouse Over State.

This plugin looks through your document, finds all widget instances with a selected pseudo-state, duplicates the pseudo-state and makes it active.

  • Save your current work (or use Save As)

  • Select Plugins  Convert Pseudo States for Spec and wait

  • export the web-viewer

Force Update Widget

If you have several changed widget instances (showing a green dot in the inspectors) and Update one of them, the others don’t change since we don’t want to overwrite your changes. Instead of going through your instances and manually revert them, this plugin does it for you.

  • Choose the widget instance that you would like to use as "master"

  • Select Plugins  Force Update Widget

The widget updates (like using the normal Widgt Update), all other instances are reverted.

Remove Interactions

Like the title says, removes all interactions of the selected objects (cells/screens and its children). That is if you want to remove all interactions in a project, select all screens and execute the plugin. For one screen, select the screen, for a cell (with children) select the cell.

  • Select the container objects (screens/cells)

  • Select Plugins  Remove Interactions

Remove Unused Widgets

the same as the button with the same title in the widget inspector. Removes widgets not used in the project.

You sometimes have to execute it multiple times, and sometimes it deletes too much.

Replace Colors…

Changes color globally (no matter where they are used).

  • Enter the Original Color in Hex-notation (e.g. #ff0000)

  • Enter the Replacement Color

  • Select Replace

Replace Font Family…

Like Replace Colors… but for fonts. The Original-Popup contains all fonts used in your document, Replace shows the fonts available on your mac.

  • Select the font to replace in the Original Popup

  • The Replacement font int the lower Popup

If you open a document which uses fonts not installed on your computer they show up in the list as .AppleSystemUIFont here you can replace them:

replace fonts

Replace Selection with Widget

This one needs a little more explanation. It is used to convert multiple basic cells into a widget (or change the widget). Here a typical use case for this plugin.

You happily design your ui using basic-cells:

Replace 1

And now you realize it would be better to creata widget for it. Instead of creating a widget and rebuild the other instances you can use this plugin. Convert one of the basic-calls into a widget:

Replace 2

Make the image also individual (individual properties are preserved by the script):

Replace 2

Copy the widget to the clipboard (command+C), Select the other cells:

Replace 2

Select Plugins  Replace Selection with widget and now the cells are converted, but the individual properties (here text and image) are preserved:

Replace 2

Replace Text…

Replaces text of cells.

To use copy/paste you have to use the context-menu of the text fields. Sorry about that.

Reset Basic Cell

In rare circumstances you might end up getting a cell with content if you choose Elements  New Rectangle you get a cell with content. This script fixed the issue (#572)

Revert all Instances

Like Force Update Widget. This one makes sure all other instances look like the selected one.

  • Select a widget instance

  • Choose Plugins  Revert all Instances and all instances of the widget are reverted.

Screen Statistics…

Shows the number of cells and interactions on the current screen.

Update Name

If you created a widget and later one you realize Rectangle is not the right name for a cell :) you can use this plugin to change the name in the widget.

  • Change the name of the widget cells

  • select the cells with the changed names

  • Choose Plugins  Update Name

If you now create a new widget instance it uses the new names.

this does not change existing instances. Use Cell Name Update for this.

Used Colors

Opens a page in your default browser showing all colors used in the document.