Video Tutorials

Get a quick start with Antetype and smoothen that dreaded learning curve by watching our tutorial videos. This will give you an understanding of some of the more powerful concepts in Antetype.

Getting Started

This tutorial will guide you through the basic concepts used in Antetype such as the element hierarchy, the layout system, alignment, widgets and interactions.

Tutorial 1 – Layout

In this tutorial, you will learn how Antetype’s Layout system works as we layout a basic mobile website.

Tutorial 2 – Widgets

In this tutorial we will create a widget and reuse the widget within the design created in Tutorial 1.

Tutorial 3 – Interaction

In this tutorial we will add a hidden menu to our design and add some interactions to the burger element so that the hidden menu can be revealed.

Tutorial 4 – Responsive Design

In this tutorial we are going to adapt the mobile web design that we have created in previous tutorials and add the rules so that it can respond to changing widths.

Older tutorials are available in the archive.