Responsive Design

Stretch to Available Space
Flow Layout
Dynamic Sizing
Shrink to Fit
Wrap Objects

Antetype ships with more than 400 Widgets for all major platforms.

More free widgets and examples can be found at the Community

Presentation & Interaction

  • Free Native iOS Viewer
  • Free OS X Viewer
  • Shareable Web Viewer
  • Full Screen Presentation Mode

With Antetype’s interaction features, you can easily demonstrate the feel of your prototype. Define actions, events, widget states and change screens.

Responsive Design

Use dynamic layout and flexible sizing, wrapping and breakpoints to adjust your UI design easily and adapt to different screen sizes instantly.

Advanced Visual Design

Antetype provides all the tools you need to design hi-fidelity UI prototypes - no need to switch to other apps.


Easily reuse UI components and avoid tedious work: change the master and update all instances at once.

Widget States

Widgets come with several default states to which you can easily add your own custom ones.

Widget Library

Jumpstart your UI design with 400+ beautiful pre-designed widgets - or create and reuse your own ones.

Interactive Prototypes

Design rich prototypes and present all crucial clickstreams and workflows.

Property Binding

Bind values from one element to another to gain accuracy and save time.

Presentation Mode

Demonstrate ongoing design work to stakeholders in full screen mode.

Web Viewer

Use the browser-independent viewer to present all your specified designs and interactions flawlessly.


Antetype supports hierarchical nesting to support you perfectly in creating more complex UI designs.

Detailed Specifications

Once your design is ready, create a specification of it - with one click.


Express your thoughts, add feedback and make it available to customers and reviewers.

Export Assets

Export designs created in ANTETYPE as pixel or vector based graphics.

Copy CSS

Antetype generates perfect CSS code for any element designed in Antetype.

Retina Support

Antetype's resolution independence lets you design on Retina Macs and export the assets for HiDPI usage.

Native Mac App

Made by UI designers for UI designers, built on the best hardware available ;).